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Community approves budget

Vote results with flag

City residents approved the 2023-24 Poughkeepsie City School District budget, capital project propositions and the election of trustees to the board of education Tuesday by the second highest approval rating in the past 11 years. It was the single most citywide community involvement event of the 2022-2023 school year.

At an approval rating of 76.32 percent, the $135.9 million budget was approved, supporting the school district’s momentum in elevating student success under its 5-year strategic plan.


 Voters also approved two propositions enabling the district to continue improving the infrastructure of all schools through the Strong Schools Equal Strong Communities Capital Improvement Project. The creation of a Capital Reserve fund, which will help the district with future capital expenses, was also approved by the voters. Capital reserve funds are established to pay the costs of construction, reconstruction, renovation and acquisition of district property. Capital reserves help to offset future expenditures, reducing and sometimes eliminating any impact on taxes. 

In addition, voters re-elected Thomas O’Neill and Bob Creedon as school board trustees for three-year terms. Both trustees’ new terms begin July 1 and end June 30, 2026. 

“Our community’s support of Poughkeepsie City School District students is immeasurable. By supporting the 2023-2024 budget, the community allows us to build upon the momentum and successes of our collective impact on student success. Our school, home and community approach is yielding great results for the positive youth development of our community’s youth. On behalf of all PCSD students, staff, and families, I thank the voters for your support,” shared Dr. Eric Jay Rosser, superintendent of schools. 

The board of education met this morning to officially accept the results of the election. Board President Thomas O’Neill, Esq., said after the meeting that he was, “extremely grateful for the support provided to the district, especially with regard to the ongoing capital project.” However, he was disappointed in the low voter turnout.

“Those who follow us and understand what we are doing are extremely supportive. We hope to see this number increase as we continue to move the district forward.”

At the end of the meeting, board members thanked Becky Torres, clerk of the board, for all her work on the election and throughout the year.

2023 vote results

Proposition 1 (Budget):

Total Votes: 359

YES: 274 (76.32 percent), NO: 85 (23.68 percent)

Proposition 2 (Capital Project authorization):

Total Votes: 355

YES: 289 (80.50 percent), NO: 66 (18.38 percent)

Proposition 3 (Capital Project Bond):

Total Votes: 357

YES: 275 (76.60 percent), NO: 82 (22.84 percent)

Proposition 4 (2023 Capital Reserve Fund):

Total Votes: 355

YES: 286 (79.67 percent), NO: 69 (19.22 percent)

Board of Education (2 seats):

Thomas O’Neill (Incumbent), 294 votes (3-Year Term)              Bob Creedon (Incumbent), 267 votes (3-Year Term)