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Student voter drive yields 13 new registrations

voter drive

A screenshot from one of the voter registration drive presentations.

Poughkeepsie High School student government helped 13 classmates register to vote in New York State last Friday.

The group’s registration drive took place virtually from 10:30 a.m. to 1:52 p.m.

President Briceida Reyes said it was slow going at first.

“A friend said that even if you help one person, that one person can make a difference and that made me change my perspective,” Reyes said.

Jameel Richardson, a tenth grader, was one student who took advantage of the help offered.

“I wanted to register so that when the next election comes around I don’t miss the process,” Richardson said, adding that he felt the presentation and instructions the group prepared were helpful. He heard about it through the morning announcements, but the group also had posters throughout the school and the district shared information on its social media channel and website.

Though Reyes was the sole presenter Friday, she said she could not have done it without the support of the entire student government team who helped research the material, create an instructional PDF and design the poster. Some members who were able to join the session helped answer questions in the chat window and let Reyes know when new people had joined.

“I learned to be more appreciative and I’m just excited something like this came to PHS.” Reyes said.