• The Marist Liberty Partnerships Program (LPP) is a dropout prevention and college access program that is funded by the New York State Education Department.  It has been sponsored by Marist College since 1990. Marist LPP serves 284 underrepresented students (grades 9-12) in the Poughkeepsie and Kingston City School Districts.  Recruitment efforts are made at the local middle schools for rising ninth graders.  Marist LPP is committed to the belief that all students can learn and should have equal access to resources.

    Marist LPP strives to help students excel in and out of the classroom so that they can globally compete in the 21st century.  Its goals are to 1) prepare students for sustained high-academic achievement and increased persistence to graduate from high school 2) prepare pupils for careers and 3) prepare students for college-level work.  To achieve its goals, Marist LPP provides an array of services to improve students' academic, social, emotional, and career skills. These services range from college tours, Common Application assistance, financial aid application assistance, academic advising, Common Core instruction, tutoring, mentoring, workforce development, service learning opportunities, and leadership/civic duty opportunities.   Marist LPP also provides students with cultural excursions, summer programs, and a 50% tuition scholarship to Marist College (this is also available to other Liberty Partnerships Program participant in New York who gets accepted to Marist College via regular admission).  Marist LPP is a hybrid program that provides twelve months of services.

    Services are provided Monday-Thursday at Poughkeepsie High School and Kingston High School. On special occasions, Marist LPP students visit Marist College for college readiness seminars, diversity-related events, sports events, and summer programs. Services are provided to the Poughkeepsie City School District and the Kingston School District students through partnerships with Marist College, community entities, business organizations, and parents. Marist College students serve as tutors, interns, mentors, and volunteers etc. Students receive free services once they are referred and enrolled in the program.  School administrators, educators, guidance counselors, and parents refer young people who would benefit from the program (based on New York State Education Department's criteria for at-risk factors).  Most students are referred to Marist LPP due to poor academic performance, family circumstances, and negative peer pressure etc. Since 1990, Marist LPP has been successful in improving students' academic performance, collaborating with families to help meet their needs, and create lifelong bonds with students and their LPP peers as well as with the Marist LPP staff.    

    Since 1990, Marist LPP has been achieving its goals. The program has been proven to be effective by the New York State Education Department.  In June 2016, 100% of the Marist LPP seniors graduated from high school.  89% of the Marist LPP graduates enrolled in two or four year institutions. Since its inception, Marist LPP graduates consistently credit LPP with helping them graduate high school and go to college.




    LPP's Mission is to secure resources through the college, schools, and community as well as provide diverse and empowering experiences for students and parents. LPP focuses on educating youth to maximize their potential and understand their intrinsic value as members of society.


    LPP's goal is to provide youth who would benefit from LPP services in Poughkeepsie and Kingston with opportunities to prepare them for exemplary graduation rates in high school and college or entry into the workforce.  LPP is committed to the academic growth, emotional development, and character development of adolescents.